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First chilean company to receive the Quality Tourism Certification for Sea kayaking and Whitewater kayaking in Chile offered by SERNATUR, the Chilean Tourism National Office.

Our company is registered in SERNATUR, the Chilean Tourism National Office

YAK EXPEDICIONES applies the LNT principles

In YAK EXPEDICIONES trips you will live an authentic cultural inmersion with the local people.

Check the article "Seakayaking Patagonia" in the CANOE FOCUS Magazine of December 2007 (the official British Canoe Union Magazine from UK).

Check in the CANOE and KAYAK.COM online Magazine from USA (24 Jan08) the article "Kayaking in Patagonia" , our seakayak Expedition in the Northern Patagonia Fjords - Pumalin Park.

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Who We Are
Paddling in Patagonia

Who we are
Our Expertise

Why travel with YAK EXPEDICIONES ?

  • Because we are a company that run our own sea kayak trips in Chile and Patagonia.

  • Because we want to guarantee the best experience possible...

  • Because we want to show you the places we visit and their people as they really are , a 100% authentic experience ..... without make-up.

  • We prefer to travel in small groups so our clients can obtain a more intense experience , a personalized attention , more participation of each member , and to impact as less as possible when we visit and share with the local communities.

  • Because we invest more than 2 years exploring routes before going with clients.

  • Because as a chilean company we offer during our trips an "authentic immersion into the Chilean culture" sharing with the local people because we are sure that being a part of the culture is vital to the experience. Our trips not only will take you through an inspiring scenery , but you will go home with fond memories of the time you spend with the local fishing pioneers families (colonos) in their own surroundings and how they live (we will go inside their houses and share with the food they will offer, always fresh and very healthy).

  • Becasuse we use locally produced and fresh products as much as possible and always in preference choose local over imported goods.
  • Becasue we like to support the local communities we visit by employing their resourses (food, fishing boats, local arrieros or gauchos (horseriding guides).

  • Because you can ask as many questions as you want to our knowledgeable chilean local guides about Chile and our culture.

  • Because we have experience travelling with clients and we know what they enjoy more (beginners, intermediate and advanced paddlers).

  • Because if you want , you can practice spanish as we travel.

  • Because we will travel as a spy leaving no trace behind us. We pack out all waste and minimize this by using products with minimum packaging, leaving no litter and keeping all water sources clean.

  • Because our trips are a mixture of paddling and hiking in remote locations.

  • Because we open more than 80% of the comercial sea kayak routes offered today.

  • Becuse we are proud to tell you "our experience as a company"

  • As airplane pilots, what ultimately counts is flight hours.  In our case , it is paddling hours.  We are paddling year round, exploring, traveling with our clients, with rain or sun, day and sometimes at night ...

  • YAK EXPEDICIONES is the first chilean Sea kayak School recognized by tour operators all over the country.

  • The quality of our equipment, German (Prijon) and american/canadian expedition sea kayaks (Necky), singles and doubles with rudder, satellite telephone, VHF radios, Garmin GPS, rescue equipment, flares, proper clothing for our clients, camping equipment, expeditions stoves,

  • We are prepared and equipped for real long term self sufficient sea kayak trips.  We can customize exploratory kayak trips according to your special interests and availabilities ... we are ready to go.

  • Traveling with us, you will learn what this sport is really about. We will travel with the tides, you'll learn about the the winds, safety maneuvers, planning and organizing trips, etc..

  • Our company is the only one offering professional sea kayak trips and expeditions in all Patagonia , from the X region down to the XII region of Chile. 

  • Our trips can be also offered just for one person or for private groups

What do we offer in our Trips ?

 Since 1990 , experience and professionalism nationally recognized

 Remote locations far from the main tourist trail

Small Groups (average 2 till 5)

Places we visit and their people as they are really , an authentic experience , without make-up.

 Trips for Active Travelers that respect nature and likes to share with the local communities

 Cultural Inmersion

Support local communities by employing their resources 

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