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Yak en Chile

Sea Kayaking in the Lakes and Volcanoes District

Chile's southern region of lakes and volcanoes is an expression of exuberance. Between volcanic cataclysms, glacial sculpting, torrential rivers and massive temperate rainforests.

This area is home to one of the most remarkable indigenous cultures in the Americas, the Mapuches. For nearly three centuries, the Mapuches defended their homeland, La Araucania, from the Spanish conquistadors. As the Mapuches ceded their territory to the newly independent republic, European settlers flocked to this paradise of rich volcanic soils, ancient forests, and clear glacially formed lakes whose waters reflect the chain of active volcanoes along the eastern horizon. The pastoral landscape which characterizes the central valley in this region - broad undulant pastures, German-style farmhouses, quiet tidy lakeside pueblos. The Lake Region's forests were a challenge and threat to these first settlers.

In the northern portion of the Lake Region, La Araucania, national and private parks protect the last tracts of Araucaria trees, an ancient conifer dating from the Jurassic age and now a Chilean natural monument. Where the Central Valley finally sinks into the Pacific and Chilean Patagonia begins, magnificent old-growth Alerce forests are home to the world's second longest-lived tree: examples of this endangered conifer surpass 3500 years of age.

Visits to these parks, Andean lake cruises to Argentina, and numerous lakeside resorts are excellent great trip ideas for families or the general interest traveler. More adventurous or specialized travelers will find nearly limitless opportunities for hiking and mountaineering, seakayaking , whitewater rafting, birdwatching, mountain biking and horseback riding, among other activities. The cities of Puerto Varas and Puerto Montt are jumping-off points for excursions in this area and to Patagonia

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Sea Kayaks Trips and Expeditions
in the Lakes District
and Northern Patagonia

  Starting in PUERTO VARAS:
  * 1 DAY :
Seakayaking Todos los Santos Lake.
Seakayaking Reloncavi Fjord
Seakayaking the foothills of Osorno Volcanoe (Llanquihue lake)
Seakayaking in the Hidden lake
Seakayaking in Puerto Octay
(Llanquihue lake)

Canoe Trip to the Hidden lake
Floating in Rafts the Maullin River
* 2 DAYS:
2 DAYS: Exploring between Volcanoes
2 DAYS: Discover COCHAMO by land and sea2 DAYS: CHILOE seakayak wetlands of Chepu river, Trekking & Penguins Colony and Churches
* 3 DAYS and more:
Andean Lake Crossing

4 DAYS: Fjords of Pumalin Park
6 DAYS Regular: Fjords of Pumalin Park
6 DAYS FULL: Fjords of Pumalin Park
10 DAYS: Fjords of Pumalin Park

Seakayaking Amidst Araucarias and Volcanoes
(Conguillio National Park , Temuco , IX)
Seakayaking Rio Bueno till the Pacific Ocean
(Osorno , X Region)
Sea Kayaking in Bariloche - Argentina
(not available this season)
Seakayaking Rio Cruces Natural Sanctuary

2 days
5 Days

1 Day
2 Days

3 Days


North | Central Zone | Lakes and Volcanoes District | Patagonia

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