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Seakayaking Rio Bueno to the Pacific Ocean 

 To the Sea By Means of the Bueno River



An area that emerged with the contribution from European immigrants to a past native Huilliche, in the middle of a dreamy scenic environment. 

The first three decades of the 20th century were characterized by the apogee of the logging activity, which originated in the installed sawmills within the mountain range area. Before the existence of the train to Ignao, the wood was transported by raft through the lake's outlet, the big Bueno river.  

In this area, is where one of the greatest natural catastrophes happened throughout the history of the country: the eruption of the Carrán Volcano on July 27, 1955. 

Bueno River

Level Beginner with adventurous spirit


Lake District
Duration 4 days
Time of Year October till April


Price Please Ask
Trip Details  
# of participants 6 persons
Lodging Camping
Climate Weather in the area
Photography Opportunities  
Suggested Gear Please Ask
How To Get There
Bus (www.turbus.cl)

We will travel to the X region  (the Lake District), approximately 900 km south of Santiago. It will be 4 days of paddling through the tranquil and totally transparent waters of the Bueno River, along the shores of the Alerce Costero National Park, whose historical past will show us traces of a glorious time period when  steam boats traveled the river with merchandise for the main cities of southern Chile.  All that is left there today are the skeletons of the boats along the shores, their memories and the settlers testimonies about this way of life. 

They will share with us their unique lifestyle which is isolated from the routine and conflictive world we come from. Isolated from the restlessness and yearning. Their happiness and love for the land where they were born will surprise us. Stories of cougars and hand made bread. Our trip down this enclosed winding river will leave us permanently astonished, especially the last part where the river outpours into the sea with a contrasting native vegetation as a bordering landscape. 

Down the Bueno RiverFortunately, the only way to access this natural beauty will be by water since roads do not exist. 

At the end... we will have a new group of friends and unforgettable memories 

We use the word expedition due to the exploratory nature of the trip, the fact that all the participants must share the duties and should be prepared for personal challenges, especially climate changes. 

To promote the safety of our trip, we will use singles and doubles kayaks made in Germany and the USA; but most importantly we will offer a practical discussion about rescue and paddling techniques. 

Our trips are true sea kayaking expeditions where our participants will learn exactly what this means.

We will be paddling in an area completely isolated, where the climate and positive mental attitude of the group will play a huge role in the decisions we make.

Transportation on the Bueno River
  • Swimming expertise 
  • Contemplative attitude and respect for the existing ecosystem. 
  • Physical state and health compatible with the activity to be performed. 
  • Previous indication of any illness or health problem 
  • Strictly abide by the indications of the guides during the trips
  • Positive attitude in front of unexpected situations
  • Understand that this is team activity in the outdoors and the participation of each person at each stage is fundamental.  
  • Understand that all activities performed in nature can indicate some risk. 
  • Before trip you must turn in a signed form of  Release of Liability
  • To have read and clearly understand the General Conditions section.  

 A stop along the journey

Note: We must state that the success of this type of trips is subject to unexpected weather and personal situations, so adventurous spirit and good disposition will be fundamental.


AFTER  you press the RESERVATION button, send us an email specifying:
- Your Name , age
- Name of the trip you want  (number of days)
- Number of participants
- Date of the trip you want (and your availability)

* we will send you a Reservation and Medical Forms that you have to send us back by email


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