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Paddling a kayak in the Andean foothills of Maule - Colbun Lake

Paddling the andean foothills of Maule



As we advance, leafy forests and great walls will appear in front of us. We will learn the fundamental maneuvers needed for a safe seakayaking trip before we start.  

We will camp on beautiful sandy beaches, where the tranquility of the paddling and the environment will permit us to become one with our spirits and we will have the opportunity to share our stories around the campfire. It will be a new way to travel and to live. 


Eating dinner at Colbun


Level suitable for any level
including beginners.


Duration 2 days / 1 night
Time of Year July or September


Price Please Ask
Trip Details Begin and end in Santiago
# of participants 6 people
Lodging camping
Itinerary see Itinerary
Climate Weather in the area
Photography Opportunities Forest, flora and fauna, marvelous sunrises and sun sets.


- 3 days / 2 nights
-Trekking in Radal Siete Tazas Reserve
Activities sea kayaking and sharing with a new group of friends 
Suggested Gear Please Ask
How To Get There Bus

Day 1: We will travel from Santiago to a destination of one of the most beautiful areas in the central Andes, where the abundant Maule River originates from Colbún Lake. After lunch, we will receive the information about the logistics of this self-supported adventure, and our guide will teach us the necessary general paddling techniques. 

Within our kayaks we will take all necessary equipment ... it will be a good way to prepare us for sea kayaking expeditions of greater distance. Here we will start our crossing to the Romanos Bay Island, a name we give this place due to the interesting formations that are found here. We will paddle in front of enormous walls and leafy forests, the spectacular views that the Maulean foothills offer to us.

We will set up camp while some others check out this small island or take advantage of the stillness and silence to enjoy a good book or simply rest for the comming adventure. 

At sunset we will eat dinner and while we enjoy the campfire we will coordinate the trip for the following day.... 

Creeks of Colbun LakeDay 2: Very early in the morning, we will pack up the camp site, load the kayaks and continue our trip through the Colbún lake waters. On our trip we will come across various small islands which are very interesting to paddle around and appreciate a great variety of mountain birds, horses, cows and sheep along the shores, in addition to some locals working on the land. We will be able to glide above the surface of the water appreciating the land that surrounds us.  

In silence we we slowly cut through this mirror of water reflecting the sky with it's colors from the sunrise.  Suddenly we will realize that we are content with ourselves and happy to have learned how to enjoy the simple things that life offers to us, a relaxing conversation while enjoying a campfire, the silence of the sunset, a beautiful view, the sound of the birds while watching the sun rise, the breeze and the freshness of the wind on our faces, maybe a fish jumping out of the water...we can finally say ... how wonderful it is to be alive.

Consider that we are in the mountains so wind can appear suddenly and the program can be totally modified.

  • Transportation in from  Santiago -  Colbún Lake (VII region) - Santiago
  • English speaking seakayak guide with knowledge of first aid and rescue techniques 
    (Wilderness First Responder Course - NOLS).
  • All of the food according to the program: (D1:box lunch and dinner / D2: breakfast and lunch)
  • Navigation Equipment: Single Sea Kayaks, Doubles imported from the USA and Germany, expedition models, with original rudder, spray skirt, paddles, high floatation life jackets, YAK paddling jackets. Rescue equipment.
  • Satellite telephone
  • Complete camping and cooking equipment (2 person shared tent, tarp).
  • Ask about recommended equipment list.
Atardecer en lago Colbun Sunset on Colbun Lake
  • Swimming expertise 
  • Contemplative attitude and respect for the existing ecosystem. 
  • Physical state and health compatible with the activity to be performed
  • Previous indication of any illness or health problem 
  • Strictly abide by the indications of the guides during the trips
  • Positive mental attitude in front of unexpected situations
  • Understand that this is team activity in the outdoors and the participation of each person at each stage is fundamental.  
  • Understand that all activities performed in nature can indicate some risk. 
  • Before trip you must turn in a signed form of  Release of Liability
  • To have read and clearly understand the General Conditions section.  

Note: We must mention that the success of this type of trip is subject to the weather as well the personality of the person, therefore an adventure spirit and good disposition will be fundamental.


AFTER  you press the RESERVATION button, send us an email specifying:
- Your Name , age
- Name of the trip you want  (number of days)
- Number of participants
- Date of the trip you want (and your availability)

* we will send you a Reservation and Medical Forms that you have to send us back by email

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