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Sea Kayaking Northern Patagonia Fjords - Pumalin Park (4 days)

seakayaking Northern Patagonia Fiords
more photos of the area



About the area :

South of  Puerto Montt, Chile fragments into uncountable islands, with deep fiord that allow the Sea to touch the Andes... this is where Patagonia starts "

" When the Spanish arrived in Chiloé in the 16th century, they found the islands and continental fjords populated by a seagoing people known as Chonos, who paddled canoes known as dalcas. Fabricated from three sewn boards, these dalcas held 10 or 12 people and were, in according to early chroniclers, the most seaworthy craft in the islands

Our trip will cross the spectacular scenario of Hornopiren National Park and the Northern part of Pumalin Park, considered to be the last virgin forests in Southern Chile

The only way to access these fjords is by water , as no road exist. 

We will paddle through unforgettable places. Hanging forests, enormous waterfalls that fall directly into the sea, gigantic walls of rock disappearing into the water and hot springs, endless cliffs, pioneers and their histories, seabirds, dolphins, sea lions and incredible hiking trails to huge waterfalls...and much more. 

The Northern Patagonia Fjords are compared with the Fiordland area in New Zealand and are located in a remote area, where the weather plays an important role and the tides and winds are elements that are critically considered. While appreciating  the attractions you realize an intense and surprising experience with the beautiful nature of the Chilean Patagonia.

entrance of Quintupeu Fiord

kayak before sunrise

Our experience running seakayak trips in this area since 1998 with an average of 10 seakayak trips per season plus a powerful network of fishermen friends give us the support in an area that is always changing.

We are pioneers in offering self-sufficient sea kayak trips in the Patagonia Fjords of Pumalin Park , this means no support boat, so all the gear required will be inside the kayaks (food, camping equipment, ...) offering us freedom of movement and the possibility to vary our program at any given moment. 

What makes this holiday different ?

* Our focus is in cultural based-adventures and authentic experiences by interacting in the areas of the fjords with the local people and their culture.

* Consider also that this is a good opportunity to practice your spanish with our local guides and the local people we will meet during the trip.

* Our guides hold informal talks with groups to inform about and discuss with them all aspects of local life. This helps understanding of the area and appreciation of the people who live there.

* Our SMALL group size ensures an intense participation of the people , mor safety , and a low impact trip (average 3-4 participants).

* As we paddle we will visit a sealion colony and probably be lucky to find a small pinguin colony.

*While paddling , we will cross to an island and and enjoy its hotsprings.

* We use locally produced and fresh products as much as possible and always in preference choose local over imported goods.

* We pack out all waste and minimize this by using products with minimum packaging, leaving no litter and keeping all water sources clean.

We are supporting the community by providing books for children of the local school of the Northern Patagonia Fjords , our main destination

What do we offer ?

" We invite to live the history of this place more than just reading it "

Our trips not only will take you through an inspiring scenery , but you will go home with fond memories of the time you spend with the local fishing pioneers families (colonos) in their own surroundings and how they live , plus first hand experience of the local fishing industry.

... a real sea kayaking trip through Patagonia... which combines true adventure, security, freedom, challenge and multicultural experiences amongst a spectacular scenery: the Northern Patagonia Fjords. 

* Before beginning the trip we will have a complete safety talk about tides, winds, weather, trip logistics. Also will be offered a general practice of paddling stokes and rescue that will be donelater in the sea. While offering this new tools , transforming you into a more skilled and confident paddler, we hope that you will enjoy more the trip.  Our idea is to travel more than just as a group of paddlers ... it is to develop a Team of Adventurers that will enjoy together the beauties of the Patagonia Fjords.

Quintupeu Fjord



Open your Facebook first:

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with rain , in summer

and more in our Facebook page, Section Photos , Album

Level *Suitable for any level including active beginners.
(includes paddling and rescue practice before the trip)
*Positive travelers


Duration 4 days
Options 6 days
10 days

New Trip !!
6 Days Full Fjords Expedition
Time of year ALL YEAR

Please ask

Price Please ask
Trip details Start and finish in  Puerto Varas.
N° Participants Máx. 8 persons
Lodging Camping
Itinerary See itinerary


Weather in this area
Photo opportunities Pioneers villages, Yates, Hornopirén and Michimahuida Volcanoes, huge waterfalls, steep rock walls dissapearing in the sea, torrential rivers and massive temperate rainforests, LLancahué hot springs, dolphins, sea lions, sometime Humboldt pinguins , variety of seabirds..
(optional= not included)
*Puerto Varas : Hiking on the foothills of Volcan Osorno, Canyoning, horseback riding, canoeing , visit Chiloe Island and its churches .
* SMALL GROUPS (safety ,more participation and less impact while we visit local families)

* Our trips not only will take you through an inspiring scenery , but you will go home with fond memories of the time you spend with the local fishing pioneers families.

* Complete safety talk and sea kayak practice .

* Seakayak navigation in the Northern Patagonia Fjords

* Paddling between 3 volcanoes

* Paddle to a sealion colony , make an effort to try to find a small pinguin colony

* Night paddling

* Huge waterfalls falling directly in the sea

* Dense untouched rainforest

* Wildlife watching

* Hiking (Day 1 and Day 3)

* Visit Llancahué Hot Springs
Suggested gear Please ask
Getting here ? Fly from your country to Santiago-Chile aiport and from there 2 alternatives:

1)Bus - aprox 12 hours from Santiago to Puerto Varas

2)Airplane: aprox. 2 hours from Santiago to Puerto Montt airport
(www.lanchile.com), then a taxi to Puerto Varas (30min).
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PHOTO GALLERY of the Fjords
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"Article in Outdoors Magazine: En Kayak de Mar por el los Fiordos de Chiloé y Parque Pumalin"


“... A unique untouched piece, an unforgettable adventure, and a fascinating experience of the culture, East of the Golfo de Ancud ... "

... All these ...just for few people ...

Northern Patagonoia Fjords in Pumalin Park
If it rains , it becomes an opportunity to see how the landscape turns ... magic.

Day 0:

(Puerto Varas , Trip Logistic Meeting)
Puerto Varas
At 20hrs , we will meet in an hotel in Puerto Varas to introduce the members of the group and explain the trip logistics.

Puerto Varas is a small and pleasant city 20 km north of Puerto Montt (just 30 minutes from the airport) , located next to Llanquihue lake and in front of Osorno Volcano (2652m) and 1,000 km south of Santiago.

Day 1:

(Puerto Varas - Hike Alerce Andino National Park - Pumalin Park)

At 9 AM we meet with the group in a hotel in Puerto Varas and inmediatelly we will start driving the Carretera Austral , which opens a way between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, and is the only road that goes to the Patagonia area.

As we travel we will see pcturesque fishermen villages , and we will make a detour to hike in Alerce Andino National Park mainly to see Alerce trees, the second oldest tree in the world. Box Lunch

Trekking Alerce Andino National Park

waterfalls at PN Alerce Andino

We will continue driving and cross by ferryboat the Reloncavi Fjord, the first Patagonian fiord, with great views of Yates Volcanoe. In our way to the fjords we will enjoy some vistas of the Hornopiren volcanoe too.

Then the road will lead us to a 3rd class dirty road crossing the turbulent waters of the Rio Blanco, to continue across the foothills of a sheer rock wall.  Finally the Comau fiord will show up,  amidst high mountains and steep shores, introducing us to the spectacular scenario of Pumalin Park.

Camino Carretera Austral  a los Fiordos

In the afternoon we will setup our campsite in front of the sea , in the property of a family of "colonos" (pioneers of this area) having the opportunity to see and feel how people of this remote locations live.
Camp at Comau Fiord (BL-D)

Day 2:
(Seakayak Practice - Sealion Colony -Hotsprings)

Pumalin kayak in Patagonia

After breakfast we will have a safety talk and practical class about paddling techniques and rescues to begin inmediately our kayaking trip paddling west to the Llancahue Hot springs . We will make our best effort to visit a sealion colony and try to find a small pinguin colony that exist in the area (weather permitting and group performance) . Box Lunch at the hotsprings .

Kayak Fiordos Pumalin

In the afternoon we will return to our campsite enjoying the sunset and dinner with a family of real pioneers .

Day 3:

(Seakayak Quintupeu Fjord - Hike to Waterfalls - Dresden)

After breakfast we will start our self sufficient trip to the Comau Fiord (everything goes inside the kayaks).

Imagine this day paddling in between 3 volanoes . To the north: Yates and Hornopirén volcanoe and in the south , Michimahuida volcanoe, located in southern Pumalin park.

Pumalin Kayak volcanoes and fiords

Kayak sailing :

Patagonia Fjords Pumallin Park 1

Dresden German Destroyer - World War I
After 2 hours, we will reach the narrow entrance to the Quintupeu fiord, with its sheer rock walls covered by lush vegetation, huge ferns and big cascades that fall into the sea. We will stop for to a hike just under a huge waterfall to continue exploring in our kayaks this steep fjord where the Dresden, a 3,600-ton light cruiser, one of the fastest ships in the German Imperial Navy , was hidden during the World War I. (B-L-D)

NOTE: if weather conditions are unstable during day 3 probably we will return to our first campsite the same day and the next day after an early lunch return to Puerto Varas in the afternoon.

Day 4:
(Night Paddling, probably - Puerto Varas)

Inside the Fjord

VERY early in the morning, or at night, we will start our return paddling for aprox 4 hours a totally different landscape. Lunch with a local family in the fjords and return to Puerto Varas in the afternoon. (B-L)

Consider an additional day in case the weather or any other unexpected situation delays out return to Puerto Varas.


The spring and summer months , October till March are generally pleasant, although it could rain at any given moment. The temperatures fluctuate, according to the weather, between the 8 and 20 centigrades. The temperature of the sea has an average of  12-13 centigrades during the summer.

The area we will be paddling in can have a tidal variation of up to 6 meters (18 feet), which implies that the sea may withdraw several thousand meters, offering variable landscapes along the day.  This also requires a very complex logistic to be combined with the wind schedule and steep shores, which involves night or pre-dawn paddling.

Huge walls dissapearing in the seaLocation
The Ancud Gulf is relatively a small body of water between Chiloé island and the continent, approximately  42°15"S, 73°W. This area makes up the northern part of the Chilean Patagonia. The fiords are along the continental side of the Gulf, before the Huequi peninsula, while the islands are found on the east margin of Chiloé. 

  • * SMALL GROUPS (safety , more participation , and less impact while we visit the local families)
    * A very good possibility to live the history more than reading it as we will have the opportunity to talk with real pioneers.

    * Complete safety-talk and practice in the sea before departure about paddling and rescue maneuvers (although it rains).
    * Transportation in private van from Puerto Varas, traveling the impressive Southern Highway (carretera Austral) until the point where we will initiate our adventure at Comau Fjord and from there back to Puerto Varas.
    * Reloncaví Fjord navigation (Ferry boat)
    * All the food during the trip according to program (from lunch Day 1 till lunch Day 4)
    (B: breakfast ; L: boxlunch or trail food ; D: Dinner)
    * Navigation Equipment:
    mainly double sea Kayaks imported from the USA, Canada and Germany, expedition models, with original rudder, spray skirt, paddles, life jackets, paddling jackets, or single kayaks (just if experience is demonstrated).
    * 2 person shared tents, tarp, and cooking equipment
    * Easy hike in Alerce Andino National Park (park fees included) / short hike Quintupeu Fjord
    (Day 1 and 3)
    * Visit Llancahué Hot Springs... if group performance and weather conditions allows
    * Safety Equipment: Satellite Telephone, Marine Band Radio, rescue equipment, towing equipment, tide tables, charts or satellite photos.

    * Limited insurance while seakayaking (chilean company)

  • Swimming expertise.
  • Physical condition and health compatible with the activity to be performed
  • Previous indication of any illness or health problem  .
  • You'll find your trip even more enjoyable if you remember to bring flexibility and a sense of humor with you.
  • Don’t expect everything to be perfect or predictable, but do expect to have a great time! 
    Always try to do your share of the work in a group.
  • You'll find your trip even more enjoyable if you remember to bring flexibility and a sense of humor with you.
  • Positive mental attitude in front of unexpected situations
  • Understand that this trip requieres a lot of team work and the participation of each person in all the stages of the trip .  
  • Understand that all activities performed in nature can indicate risk. 
  • The program could be modified at any stage due to weather conditions or sudden incidents that could affect the security of the group 

  • If you want to participate in this trip:

  • Before the trip you must send by fax and signed the Release of Liability Form that appears in this link.
  • To have read and have a clear understanding of the Terms and Conditions section existing in our web site (cancellation,Modification and Evacuation Protocols).
  • Every participant must send the Reservation and Medical Form that appears after you press this button.
  • Pay the trip (please ask)
some surprises ...
  • The trip has been planned with the consideration of those without previous experience. Before we begin our trip, on Day 2 we will have a complete safety-talk about rescue techniques and paddling maneuvers so that our participants feel more comfortable during the trip and can really enjoy the beautiful views of the Northern Patagonia Fjords. To improve the enjoyment of our customers, we use both double and single kayaks. Our kayaks are expedition models from USA , Germany and Canada , very comfortable and stable. Our 2nd day paddling will finish , if weather allows, at the hot springs.

  • Please consider that you have chosen Patagonia , a place where the weather is unpredicatble, so we can have sun but also rainny days , very relaxing days but also windy conditions.

    " If it rains, we will get wet ...and smile the opportunity to be lucky to be in this magical place where few people has been before "

  • Hospitals and Professional First Aid Care are very far from the place where we will be navigating.
    *Evacuations can be very slowly and participantes must be healthy and in good physical conditions


AFTER  you press the RESERVATION button, send us an email specifying:
- Your Name , age
- Name of the trip you want  (number of days)
- Number of participants
- Date of the trip you want (and your availability)

* we will send you a Reservation and Medical Forms that you have to send us back by email

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