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Sea kayaking to the Dolphin´s Island

Humboldt Pinguin National Reserve



¿How does it sound to cross the Pacific Ocean by kayak from a remote fishermans' town in the north of Chile and explore the Hümboldt Penguin National Reserve by sea within the limits of the Atacama Region? 

When the rain reaches the dry Atacama desert, it is filled with life by flowers, colors, butterflies and  an uncountable number of animals that are attracted by the humidity which brings them close to the area. We invite you to enjoy the exclusive opportunity to see this island converted into a field of flowers.  

There are three islands surrounded by crystalline waters and white sand beaches that are home to an ample number of protected species like Sea Lions, Penguins, a great variety of sea birds and the only residential colony of bottle nose dolphins in Chile. 

Lobos marinos

All that is necessary will travel in our support boat and sea kayaks. The first will be a journey to the island and we will visit it from corner to corner. Imagine walking through the beaches of a solitary island or reading your favorite book admiring the sunset or to marvel in the spectacular view of the sun blending into the sea while floating in the kayaks. 
The sunrise of the following day will be an opportunity to experience the emotions from paddling through tunnels of rock and exploring caves by kayak, but over all you will have the opportunity to discover the beauty of paddling silently along side of sealions and the possibility of the spectacular view of dolphins playing in front of your kayak. 

Level Beginners


Duration 3 days
Time of year


Price Please ask
Trip Details Start and end in
La Serena  
N° participants 10 people
Lodging camping
Itinerary see itinerary
Weather in the area
Photo opportunities Bottle Nosed Dolphins, Sea Lions, Humboldt Penguins, Sea Birds, caves and tunnels on the islands, varieties of cactus and desert flowers  
- 3 days
- Flora and Fauna Observation Tour in Fray Jorge National Park
Activities Navigation in kayak, night navigation and hiking
Suggested gear Consult
Getting there



Day 1: Meeting in the city of La Serena located in the IV region, almost 500 km north of Santiago (bus station, 7:00AM). During the journey we will head inland through a valley which was the floor of a river that existed thousands of years ago. We will pass through the picturesque town of  Choros Bajos, with it's church and typical constructions of the area. Then finally arrive at the small fishermans' cove at  Punta Choros.

We will load our kayaks and support boat with all that is necessary to travel to  Isla Dama , which is inserted amongst the Humboldt Penguin Reserve, and is protected by CONAF. The kayaks that we use are very comfortable and stable. Approximately half way through the trip, we will pause and cross the island in a zone sufficiently protected by the existence of three islets. A support boat will accompany us during the crossing for greater security. We will land at an island with white beaches and totally transparent waters, a scuba diver's paradise due to the easiness to encounter a variety of fish here. 

Then after a delicious lunch, we can enjoy a beautiful hike around the island, elevating to a view point from where you can see our destination for tomorrow, Isla Choros,  where you can dive into a calm pool of transparent waters or enjoy the romantic sunset. At night, after dinner.. we will prepare again. We will paddle our kayaks under the impressive star filled sky from the north, moving along the calm and protected waters that surround the island. We will be surprised by the phosphorescence  generated in the water before each stroke,  as if they were sparks of fire in the water, products of  small micro-organisms (glow worms) that live here. 

Day 2: After a recuperating breakfast, with the first lights given from the sunrise we will start our adventure. We will paddle to Isla Choros, where it will be possible to see Humboldt Penguins, pelicans, sea otters, a variety of sea birds and the impressive sea lions...very curious about their new visitors. All of this due to the silence of our navigation. 

To access them we must navigate through cultivated tunnels of gigantic cliffs, where we can enter into caves eroded by the sea . As we get closer to the island we will start to hear to sounds of the howls of more than 50 sea lions and  seals found here sunbathing on the rocks. 

When we get close to them they will start to jump into the water and swim towards us. Their behavior is peaceful as if they were constantly visited by man. They are located in front of a series of gigantic caves, where the sound of the sea crashing against the rock is unforgettable. 

In this area the possibilities of finding the bottle nose dolphin increases.It is said that here and in the Magallanes zone are the only places you can find large colonies of this particular dolphins (flipper).  

It is a spectacle sight to see them from a far, watch them  as they get close to the kayaks and then disappear beneath them, watch them jump into the air, listen to the strong puffing sound they make at the surface...it is unique. Then enjoy this unforgettable show as  we start the return to our base at the Isla Damas. 

A replenishing lunch awaits us and then a nice siesta... and prepare for a new adventure exploring some caves at night and then continue in search of the lighthouse and it´s beautiful view of the islands at night.

Day 3: After a resting night , a refreshing bath in the sea and sharing breakfast with a new group of friends we will start undoing our tents, prepare the gear and be ready for the crossing to the continent with our support boat. Enjoy lunch at this little fishermen village and return in our van to La Serena on time to take the bus to Santiago.

  • SMALL GROUPS (less impact and more security) 
  • Safety talk of sea kayak navigation maneuvers prior to trip. 
  • Transportation in our van  (La Serena - Caleta Punta Choros - La Serena).
  • All food according to the program (from lunch Day1 to lunch Day2)
  • Complete navigation equipment: 
    sea Kayaks imported from the USA and Germany, expedition models, with original rudder, spray skirt, paddles, life jackets, neoprene suits and  paddling jackets. 
  • Safety Equipment:  Marine Band Radio, rescue equipment, strobe light, flares, First Aid, towing equipment, tide tables, nautical charts, etc.
  • Camping and cooking equipment (2 person shared tents, large tarp) 
  • Support boat (for the crossing to Isla Damas and for the return from the island to the continent).
  • Kayak navigation in search of dolphins and sea Lions. 
  • Sea kayaking bilingual guide (English) with NOLS seakayak trainninng, first aid course (Wilderness First Responder Course)and sea kayak rescue knowledge .
  • Swimming expertise
  • Physical state and health compatible with the activity to be performed. 
  • Previous indication of any illness or health problem 
  • Strictly abide by the indications of the guides during the trips
  • Positive mental attitude
  • Understand that this is an activity of growth while sea kayaking in the outdoors and the participation of each person at each stage is fundamental.  
  • Understand that all activities performed in nature can indicate some risk. 
  • Before trip you must send signed the Release of Liability form.
  • To have read and clearly understand the General Conditions section. .
  • The trip has been planned with the consideration of those without previous experience and for those of all ages. Just before we begin our great trip, we will have a complete discussion and a safety talk of rescue techniques and paddling maneuvers so that our participants feel more comfortable during the trip and can really enjoy the beautiful views that they encounter.
  • To guarantee the security of our customers, we use both double and single kayaks.  Our kayaks are expedition models from North America and Germany, very comfortable and stable. Also, we will utilize a support boat for crossing to and from the island.

The program could be modified at any stage due to weather conditions or sudden incidents that could affect the security of the group 

If we are on the continent ( Punta Choros Cove) and cannot cross in our kayaks due to climate problems or other conditions evaluated by the guide, like safety concerns, we will wait until the conditions are better. This can include a change in weather after we have arrived to the island, which would indicate that we would have to stay on the island for a while. These things that cannot be previously determined and are out of our control do not indicate a refund. The extra expenses incurred under these circumstances during the stay on the continent (rentals, food, lodging) will be each participants' responsibility.  

Look at Trip Calendar and choose the most convenient date for you. 
Wish to accommodate the trip to your needs? Personalize your trip


AFTER  you press the RESERVATION button, send us an email specifying:
- Your Name , age
- Name of the trip you want  (number of days)
- Number of participants
- Date of the trip you want (and your availability)

* we will send you a Reservation and Medical Forms that you have to send us back by email

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