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Sea Kayaking in Bariloche - Argentina

Sea Kayaking in Argentina



The Nahuel Huapi is a gigantic lake of blue transparent waters originating from a glacier. It stands out from the ample chain of lakes in the region due to it's complex form and great size. It's coasts are irregular, it has many islands, an uncountable number of bays and peninsulas, in addition to various deep extensions of water. It is surrounded by large strings of mountains from which the majestic Tronador volcano arises. It's name must be given due to  the loud fall of rock and ice from it's glaciers and to Cathedral Hill, a string of granite peaks. The area covers approximately 600,000 hectares. 

The maximum depth of the lake is known to be 454 meters and it's surface area reaches to 557 km2, located 764 meters above sea level. Along the shores of the great lake sits the important touristic cities of San Carlos de Bariloche and Villa La Angostura. The Nahuel Huapi lake was discovered by the Spanish conquerors in 1620, when an expedition of 46 men under the command of captain Juan Fernandez proceeded from what is now Chilean territory to cross the Andes in search of the city of the Caesars. 

Campsite at Nahuelhuapi

Level suitable for any level
including beginners.


Duration 4 days
Time of Year September to April


Price Please Ask
Trip Details Begin and end in Osorno / Villa Angostura
# of participants 6 participants
Lodging camping and hostel
Itinerary See Itinerary
Climate Weather in the area
Photography Opportunities Crossing the Andes,  Bariloche,  Nahuelhuapi Lake, waterfalls,fiords flora and fauna
Combinations -Canyoning, rafting, trekking Bariloche
Activities sea kayak paddling, trekking, visit to Bariloche
Suggested Gear Please Ask
How To Get There

Our expedition will cross through two national parks,  Puyehue in Chile and Nahuelhuapi in Argentina, traveling a  total of 290 km. Dense native jungles, translucent rivers, the impressive image of  Puyehue Lake and it's islands will accompany us until the beginning of the ascend up to the international crossing through a pass of volcanic remains at an altitude of 1,308m. Forests of birch, masses of granite rock,  steep cliffs and snow will be part of the scenery as we descend through Argentinean territory. We will camp along the shores of this gigantic lake discovered in 1670 by Jesuit missionaries coming from Chiloe.   


Day 1: check HERE for Photo Gallery and description

  • Groups of up to 6 people.
  • Transportation in our van (round trip) from Osorno to Bariloche 
  • Paddling Equipment: Single and double sea kayaks, imported from the USA and Germany, expedition models, with original rudder, spray skirt, paddles, high floatation life jackets, YAK paddling jackets, neoprene suit. 
  • Security Equipment: Marine Band Radio, rescue equipment, strobe light, flares, First Aid, towing equipment, tide tables, nautical charts and topographical maps. 
  • Cooking and Camping Equipment: 
    2 person tent (shared), tarp, etc.
  • Food during the trip (from lunch day 1 to breakfast day 5) 
  • Shopping tour in  Bariloche.
  • .
  • Swimming expertise 
  • Contemplative attitude and respect for the existing ecosystem. 
  • Physical state and health compatible with the activity to be performed. 
  • Previous indication of any illness or health problem 
  • Strictly abide by the indications of the guides during the trips
  • Positive mental attitude in front of unexpected situations
  • Understand that this is team activity in the outdoors and the participation of each person at each stage is fundamental.  
  • Understand that all activities performed in nature can indicate some risk. 
  • Before trip you must turn in a signed form of  Release of Liability
  • To have read and clearly understand the General Conditions section.  

Note: We must state that the success of this type of trips is subject to unexpected weather and personal situations, so adventurous spirit and good disposition will be fundamental.


AFTER  you press the RESERVATION button, send us an email specifying:
- Your Name , age
- Name of the trip you want  (number of days)
- Number of participants
- Date of the trip you want (and your availability)

* we will send you a Reservation and Medical Forms that you have to send us back by email

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