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Our company is registered in SERNATUR, the Chilean Tourism National Office

YAK EXPEDICIONES applies the LNT principles

Check the article "Seakayaking Patagonia" in the CANOE FOCUS Magazine of December 2007 (the official British Canoe Union Magazine from UK).

Check in the CANOE and KAYAK.COM online Magazine from USA (24 Jan08) the article "Kayaking in Patagonia" , our seakayak Expedition in the Northern Patagonia Fjords - Pumalin Park.

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Seakayaking in Chile and Patagonia :

Seakayaking in The Pumalin National Park , Patagonia, Chile


CANOE FOCUS Magazine ,
the official British Canoe Union Magazine from UK - December 2007 , by John Mottram

Wilderness, Mountains, glaciers and space withou people...

To most people, the name Patagonia is an evocative invitation to adventure...

It is very reminiscent of the fjordland area of South Island in New Zeland , with tress and foliage stretching right down the sea level...

Kayaking in Patagonia


CANOE and KAYAK Magazine (24th Jnaury 2008) by Marcel Rodriguez

At first blush, Patagonia inspires many comparisons.

“It is like Switzerland, only with volcanoes.” “It is like Norway, only with semi-tropical vegetation.” “It is like the San Juan Islands, only in Alaska.”

It doesn’t take long before these comparisons fall away when replaced by a the realization that, despite any similarities to other places, Patagonia is truly unlike any other place on earth. The name itself evokes a sense of remoteness and adventure...


Battle of the Winter


(September 04 - p26)


Reto Mh

Men´s Health Magazine
(Septiembre 2004, p.30)

La mejor escuela de kayak de la zona está en la Patagonia y se llama Yak Expediciones (seakayaking-patagonia.com). Ofrecen cursos para kayak de mar (ideal para principiantes) y kayak de río. Sus programas son muy completos y te ofrecen clases teóricas y prácticas...

En Kayak de Mar por el Parque Pumalin

Seakayaking Expedition Northern Patagonia Fiords -Pumalin Park


Revista Outdoors

One can look for real magic by reading García Márquez. Or one can go to the fiords of Chile's Patagonia to find the real magic. Here, it is not necessary to be a writer or a poet: the nature saturates the soul with it's tangible and mysterious magic. The sea changes color, brilliance and transparency while a midday wind adds to the challenge of navigating the kayak.

Laguna Icalma en Invierno y en Kayak Seakayaking Icalma Lake in winter


Revista Outdoors

"We prepare everything, equip the kayaks and begin to paddle, astonished with the beauty of the landscape : deep woods, covered with snow, small islands with Araucarias, big logs in the shores, colorful birds ..."

En Kayak de Mar a la Isla de los DelfinesSea kayak to the Dolphin's Island
Published: Revista Outdoors

After a couple of hours paddling in a calm sea, protected by 3 islets, we will land in white sand and crystalline waters, diving paradise by the diversity of marine life around  Isla Damas, Humboldt Pinguin Natural Reserve.

Kayak de Mar o TravesíaSeakayak or touring Kayak
Revista Outdoors

The touring kayaks are usually made of fiberglass, but also they can be made of plastic or kevlar.  Most are single ( one person ) but doubles are also available.  The length varies between 5-6 mts. and width between 70-80 cm.  Singles are about 28 kg and doubles 45 kg.

Kayakista por un día

Revista del Domingo
Diario El Mercurio


Paseos en Kayak

Revista El Sábado
Diario El Mercurio


Whitewater kayak and rafting

Cañon del Colorado

First chilean whitewater kayak expedition to Grand Granyon - USA

Revista Outdoors(Spanish)

"The sound grow bigger as we descend and now we are over a long and sheer fall, with big rocks waiting to shatter our boats.  With 80 vertical feet per third of a mile the fast flowing waters end in waves that hit the shores.

El Cañón del Colca en KayakFirst chilean whitewater kayak expedition to the Colca Canyon in Perú , the deepest in the world

Revista Outdoors (Spanish)


Chilenos en el EcochallengeFirst chileans participating in the Ecochallenge Patagonia 1999
Published: Revista Outdoors

Never has been a competition as hard as this one and not everyone crosses the finish line.  If one team member fails, all the team is disqualified.

En Ducky por el río MaipoDucky in Maipo River
Published: Revista Outdoors

Water, snow, cold and adrenaline  was the offer by Juan Federico Zuazo (Juanfe), of YAK EXPEDICIONES, to descend the Maipo river in ducky. I suspected that he told me that to  keep me interested in doing it again.

Rafting por el río MaipoRafting in the Maipo river
Published: Revista Outdoors

River rafting is one of the most popular adventure sports, as it demands little preparation.  In this season, the Maipo river flows easy, ideal for first timers.
First, the 10 minute instructions for familiarizing with the gear and learn what to do in case of a capsize.

El Cañón de los 22 SaltosFirst chilean whitewater expedition to the Canyon of the 22 Falls

Revista Outdoors (Spanish)

Along millions of years the waters of the Claro river have sculpted a place of exceptional beauty.  Seven pools of clear water, and waterfalls from 1 to 8 mts in the middle of walls of granite rock make the main attraction of Siete Tazas National Park.

Juan Federico Zuazo. Kayak Impacto VisualJuan F. Zuazo. Kayak expert : Visual Impact
Published: Revista Caras

"We are a world power" ... referring to the variety, quantity and strength of the rivers of Chile.  He states that as well as climbers long to climb Everest, the dream of American and European kayakers is to ride our rivers.

Kayak para PrincipiantesKayak for beginners
Published: Revista del Domingo

The Topoduo and the  Ducky are two perfect vessels to make the first steps into this sport.

Aventuras en Costa Rica

Costa Rica Adventures
Published: Revista Outdoors (Spanish)

In 51.000 km2 Costa Rica possesses the 7% of the biodiversity of the planet, and more than 32% of its land is protected in reserves and national parks.  Rivers, volcanoes, hills and plains, beaches and islands, give you the best natural environment  to enjoy outdoor adventures.


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