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Our company is registered in SERNATUR, the Chilean Tourism National Office

Our Sekayak Expeditions Headguide is certified by the BCU as a 4 Star Sea Award.



Yak in Chile

Seakayak trips  in Winter

Chile is a place of extremes with more than 4.329 kilometers long, and located in the Southern tip of the South American continent, Chile assembles the most diverse geographical and climatic extremes: in the North, the driest desert in the world; in the Central zone, a temperate Mediterranean climate; in the South (Lake´s District) deep rainforests and lakes; in Patagonia , fiords, ice fields and stormy plains; and in Antarctica, never-ending ice. Then you have the Pacific, with Easter Island and its mysteries and the Juan Fernandez Archipelago with a unique ecosystem.

According to a study by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) of 2008, Chile stood at post number 19 in the world in terms of living peacefully and is the safest nation in the region. Also consider that hera are no dangerous animals and no poisonous plants.

As you can see Chile is the perfect place for seakayaking trips for beginners and for those advanced paddlers searching for the real adventure.

* We are based in the beautiful town of Puerto Varas , in the Lake´s District , the entrance to Patagonia. It is located on the southern shore of Lago Llanquihue, faced by the perfect cone of Volcán Osorno. Puerto Varas combines the best of the Lake Region's nature and culture. Well preserved German architecture reflects this charming town's history of mid- to late- 19th century immigration; nearby are excellent rivers for fishing, whitewater rafting and floating, trekking in ancient temperate rainforests, and the spectacular Lago Todos los Santos with it´s emerald waters.


Kayaking in Chile's North Kayaking in Chile's Central Region Kayaking in Chile's Lakes District Kayaking in Chile's Patagonia

Our Sea kayak Trips and Expeditions in Chile

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Lake District

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Kayaking in Chile's North Kayaking in Chile's Central Region Kayaking in Chile's Lakes District Kayaking in Chile's Patagonia