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The weather in Chile's main cities
Climate of Chile by geographical zone

The weather in Chile's main cities

  The weather in Chile's main cities
Clima en Santiago
La Serena
Puerto Aysén
Puerto Montt
Puerto Natales
Punta Arenas
Viña del Mar

Climate of Chile by geographical zone

Mapa de Chile


Climate of the North Zone

Inside Chile's Big North is located  the Atacama desert, where rain is very rare.  Despite its proximity to the Pacific Ocean, there are two main factors that condition its dryness.  In one side, the influence of the Pacific anticyclone that blocks the front systems, and in the other side, the barrier effect of the Andes mountain range, that prevents the arrival the humid air masses from the continental tropical sectors.

This zone is characterized by very low precipitations, very clear skies and a strong contrast in temperature between day and night.

Climate of the Central Zone

The central zone has a Mediterranean climate, with a rainy season in winter ( May to August ) and a larger dry season from September to April.  Rain comes mainly from cold fronts coming from the Pacific Ocean.  The rainy season increases in time and rainfall as you move South to the extent that in Valdivia, there is no dry season.

Climate of the Lakes District

In this region there is no dry season, although there is a notorious decrease in rainfall in the summer months ( December to March ).  A mean of 1000 mm of annual rainfall defines an evergreen landscape with primary rainforests.

Climate of  Patagonia

This climate is extraordinary humid where rainfall exceeds 2000 mm annually. The high frequency of cold fronts crossing from the West determines a high number of overcast days ( between 20-25 days per month ).  The oceanic effect contributes to moderate the temperatures in the coast, which a significantly higher during winter than in summer, contrary to that recorded inland at the same latitude.



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