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Our company is registered in SERNATUR, the Chilean Tourism National Office

YAK EXPEDICIONES applies the LNT principles

In YAK EXPEDICIONES trips you will live an authentic cultural inmersion with the local people.

Check the article "Seakayaking Patagonia" in the CANOE FOCUS Magazine of December 2007 (the official British Canoe Union Magazine from UK).

Check in the CANOE and KAYAK.COM online Magazine from USA (24 Jan08) the article "Kayaking in Patagonia" , our seakayak Expedition in the Northern Patagonia Fjords - Pumalin Park.

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Who We Are
Our Experience

Who We Are
Our Experience (Certifications and Acknowledgements) 
Why travel with YAK EXPEDICIONES ?

Courses , Certifications and Acknowledgements 



Certification recognized by the British Canoe Union that Mr.Juan Zuazo , the Director and Seakayak Headguide of YAK EXPEDICIONES has the BCU 4 STAR SEAKAYAK AWARD 

Certification recognized by the British Canoe Union that Mr.Juan Zuazo , the Director and Seakayak Headguide of YAK EXPEDICIONES has the CANOE SAFETY TEST certification.

 River Rescue Workshop

Certificate of participation in the First River Rescue Workshop offered by Les Bechdel (U.S.A), awarded by the Whitewater Chilean Kayak Federation 

EcoChallenge Training

Acknoledgements to YAK EXPECIONES for the colaboration in coaching the Chilean Navy Marines Team who participate in the  ECOHALLENGE PATAGONIA 1999

Certification that Mr.Juan Zuazo , the Director and Seakayak Headguide of YAK EXPEDICIONES has completed succesfully the 8 days Wilderness First Responder Course offered by NOLS (2002- 2003-2005-2006-2010) , 80 hours trainning course. 

Thanks to Santa Lucia School

Acknoledgements from Hogar de Ciegos Santa Lucía (Santa Lucía Blind School) , for  "the fantastic experience lived by the students" during an unforgetable seakayak activity

 Evaluation of the Environmental Impact Course

Participation in the  "Evaluation of the Environmental Impact Course ", awarded by the Engineering Faculty at the University of Santiago of Chile



Company recognized by SERNATUR , the Chilean National Tourism Office

Certification from the Lake District Regional CONAMA Director , the chilean Environmental National Corporation, about YAK EXPEDICIONES and it´s procedures of working in the outdoors and with the local communities.

Important events

1989 First Chilean Descent in kayak, Salto de las Siete Tazas de Radal (Seven Tea Cups), TV program -Channel 13.
1993 First Chilean Descent in kayak through the  "Cañón de Colca", Perú, considered the deepest canyon in the world by the National Geographic Magazine. - published in the REVISTAB OUTDOORS an outdoor chilean magazine..
1994 First Chilean Descent in kayak down the "Río Zambezi", Zimbabwe, Africa, considered among the four most famous in the world, together with the Bío-Bío, Colorado and the Futaleufú. Program Report "Punto Deportivo" from La Red and "Revista del Domingo" by the Mercurio.
* More than 40 complete descents in ww kayak of the Bío-Bío River, one of the 4 most famous rivers world wide...in those days (today dissapear because of the dams).
1996 First Chilean Descent in kayak through the rivers of the Ecuadorian Sierra and Jungle. 
1997 First Chilean Descent in kayak through the  "Grand Canyon- Colorado River", USA, 18 days inside the canyon.. 
1997 Participation in sea kayak expedition course between the Northern and Southern Icefield (28 days) with NOLS. (National Outdoors Leadership School).
1998 Participation in a ww kayak expedition on the Futaleufú River, considered among some of the most difficult comercial rivers in the world. 
1999 Organizers of the  "Gran Tour de Ríos", in which participants travel running rivers between Santiago and Puerto Montt. 

- Sea Kayak navigation in Juan Fernández Island.
- Instructors of the chilean NAVY Team of Marines that participate in the ECO-CHALLENGE PATAGONIA 1999
- Member of the Rescue Team, for the ECO-CHALLENGE PATAGONIA 1999.
- Sea Kayak expedition in Torres del Paine , paddling in those days the unknown Rio Serrano to the Ultima Esperanza Fiord....today a popular destination.


- Multiple rivers descended through out Chile, from Santiago to  Futaleufú.
- Seakayak Exploration in Patagonia paddling Palena River from the border with Argentina till the Pacific Ocean and continue till Puyuhuapi town /Lat 43).
- Sea Kayak navigation in the Northern Islands of the Humboldt Pinguin Natural Reserve  (Lat. 29).
- Reward for the Development of the White Waters, OUTDOORS Magazine (May 2000). 
- Until now, hundreds of students have graduated from our sea and river kayaking courses. 
-Exploration of the route "From the Andes to the Pacific Ocean" paddling Palena River , almost from the border with Argenina to the Pacific Ocean and continue paddling with seakayak the channels of patagonia till Puyuhuapi hotsprings.
- Exploration and opening of more than 30 seakayak routes from the III till XII region.
-Instructor of sea kayak rescue techniques and seakayak planning for the Chilean NAVY in 2000 and 2001
- Columnist and official technical consultant for the chilean Outdoors Magazine.

2001 ... till today

- Offering many Seakayak and River Kayak Courses 
- Some kayak and rafting expeditions in Costa Rica and Honduras.
- Reward for the developing of kayaking as a sport given by  OUTDOORS Magazine (june 2001)
- We were selected to train the Chilean team of "Comandos Infantes de Marina" (Marines) who participated in ECO-CHALLENGE Nueva Zelandia 2001.
- Trained as WILDERNESS FIRST RESPONDER course offered by the  Wilderness Medicine Institute-USA.
- Reward for the develope of kayaking as a sport,  awarded by  OUTDOORS Magazine (june 2002).
- In 2004 our seakayak Trip Leader was selected to be the Kayaking Skills Management of the PATAGONIA EXPEDITION RACE run in Tierra del Fuego.
- Invited Speaker for the Sea Kayak Georgia Skills Symposium & BCU Week 2005 (topic: Seakayak Expeditions in Patagonia, Chile).
- Memebers of the Sea kayak Expedition to Canal Jerónimo and Magallanes Strait , exploring part of Alacalufes National Reserve (XII region)
- Organizers and Tour Leaders of the Seakayak Exploration trip from Exploradores River till San Rafael Glacier in the Northern Icefield 2004
Organizers and Tour Leaders 2006 International Selfsupported Seakayak Exploration to the Northern Icefield , San Rafael Glacier , 300km (participants from Germany , New Zeland and Spain).
Organizers and Tour Leaders 2007 Swiss-chilean Selfsupported Seakayak Expedition Patagonian Channels and Fjords , Palena Region , Palena River till Puyuhuapi village , XI region of Aysen , aprox. 300km
- Since 1999 , more than 10 years guiding seakayak expeditions to the Northern Patagonia Fjords of Pumalin Park , each year , as an average, running ten 6 days trips...meaning more than 600 days of paddling experience in this changing environment and with different kinds of clients.


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