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Yak in Chile

Sea Kayaking in the Central Zone of Chile

This region concentrates the administrative, economic, political and cultural activities of the country. Besides Santiago, the capital city, other cities like Valparaíso, Viña del Mar, Rancagua, Los Andes, San Antonio y Talca, are favored by climate and terrain, ideal for most economic activities : agriculture, mining, fisheries, tourism, etc. In this region are most of the most renowned wineries, resorts and ski centers like Valle Nevado, Portillo, El Colorado y La Parva.

In this region you will encounter penguins, bottlenose dolphins, sea otters and sea lions, along with a variety of marine birds and crustaceans.  You can mix a delightful trip with exquisite seafood directly from the fishermen's coves.

See more information on climate in the  Central Zone

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Our sea kayak trips in Central Chile

Sea Kayaking the Valparaíso Bay
(Central Coast , close to Santiago)
(Not available this season)
Paddling Laguna del Inca
(Portillo , close to Santiago)
(Not available this season)

Sea kayaking among Islands and Herons
(lake, close to Santiago)
(Not available this season)

Sea kayaking around Algarrobo
(Central Coast)
(Not available this season)
Seakayaking the Maule river to the Pacific Ocean (Talca, VII region )
(Not available this season)
Paddling in the Andes foothills of the Maule
(Colbun lake, Talca , VII Region)
(Not available this season)

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