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La Campana National Park birdwatching and trekking

Parque Nacional La Campana



You will witness one of the best views of Chile in the La Campana National Park. This park has 8.000 hectares of extension. It is located in the coastal mountain range, in the Aconcagua Valley . In words of Charles Darwin, who visited this zone in 1832, you will see Chile "like you see it on a map", since you will get on the summit of the La Campana mountain, where you can watch the Andes on one side and the Pacific ocean on the other. You will walk through the Chilean Palm (Jubea chilensis) forest, which are the most southern palm species of the world, endemic to Chile. This park also hosts a great diversity of flora and fauna from the Chilean central zone.

Sector Ocoa

Level Intermediate


Duration 1 day
Time of Year Year round


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How To Get There Transportation (www.gochile.cl)
Bus (www.turbus.cl)

There are 2 alternative places to go. The first one is to visit the Chilean Palm forest (Ocoa area) and the second one is to go to the Sclerophillus forest and get to the top of the La Campana Mountain (Granizo area).

Ocoa Area
We leave Santiago at 8:00 am. and arrive to the park at 10:00 am. Then, we start a soft trekking to La Cascada, a beautiful waterfall of 35 m.. high between Chilean palms. In the way, we will see birds like the Moustached Turca, the White throated Tapaculo, the Dusky Tailed Canastrero, the Giant hummingbird (only from September to March), the Chilean Mockingbird, the black chested buzzard-eagle and many others. You will also watch mammal species, like the Octodon degu, the Abrocoma benetti, and reptiles like lizards and snakes. The trekking to La Cascada will take about 3.5 hours. We will have lunch in this place, with the beautiful scenery of the Waterfall. After lunch, we will start the way back, arriving to Santiago at 7:00 PM.


Granizo area
This area of the park holds a sclerophyllus forest. We will leave Santiago at 8:00 am. and arrive to the park at 10:00 am. Then, we will start a trekking of medium difficulty to the top (just if asked). On the way up you will watch beautiful birds like the Thorn-tailed Rayadito (Apharastura spinicauda), the Des Mur´s Wiretail (Sylviorthorynchus desmursii), the Chilean Pigeon (Columba araucana), the Bicoloured Hawk (Accipiter chilensis) and the Rufous-legged Owl (Strix rufipes). We will have lunch in the middle of the forest, among ancient oak trees. After lunch we will go back to Santiago passing through the Caleu Valley, a magnificent valley full of birds. Arriving in Santiago at 7:00 PM.

Alternatives: we can make a 2-day-trip inside of the park, walking form Ocoa to Granizo in 6 hours. We will camp in Granizo. For more details, please contact us.

  • Transportation
  • Specialized guide
  • Lunch box
  • Basic equipment (telescope and binoculars)
  • Field guide of Chilean birds
  • Personal insurance
Palma Chilena


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